RJI Innovation Week

This week at the Mizzou Journalism School was RJI Innovation Week. I went to see a presentation by Reuben Stern called  Enhancing audience engagement at WILL/Illinois Public Media on Monday, April 23 at 11:00 am. This presentation was about how Reuben’s show, Intersection,  could provide a format for cross-platform community engagement. Cross-platform, as described by the presentation, is the use of multiple outlets to enhance a story. For example, using TV, radio and web to tell different parts of the same story. Community engagement is the discussion with the consumers of the product to see what they want to hear, see, and read  about. Reuben talked about how Intersection  provided an example for WILL, Illinois Public Media to enhance their cross-platform use. They already use a lot of community engagement strategies, which Reuben described in his discussion. He talked about an event revolving around hunger where the reporters from the IPM got the idea from a community listening session. At this session, community members discussed wanting to hear something about this topic. As a result, IPM did their first live broadcast across multiple platforms. This is a perfect example of cross-platform community engagement.

After Reuben spoke, Melanie Gibson and Charesse James presented their capstone project of re-designing IPM’s website. Their goals were to improve the content, appearance and interactivity. They showed the audience a multitude of different websites that they drew examples from to create their site. They then showed a demo of their newly designed site for IPM.Overall, I thought this presentation was interesting because it discussed community engagement in a way that seemed very do-able. In the past, I have taken a community engagement class and did not necessarily see how it could be applied in a real setting. This application of it seems like a great way to include the audience as well as get story ideas that we already know will have a good audience.


Graduation is in the air….Part 1

Graduation, prom and summer weddings are looming. With these events comes the need for chic summer formal looks. Right now, I’m obsessed with the 50’s styles dresses of ModCloth. I picked the dresses, matched them with shoes, purses and jewelry. Enjoy the first part of this guide, have fun with fashion and play with the trends.


Fat Fashionista

Red One-Shoulder Formal

Floral Formal

Nautical Formal


Hey there!

Its’ time for the staple of every women’s closet: the little black dress. My plus-sized sisters need not fret, I have so many cute options for you. There is no need for the black mu-mus that our mothers and grandmothers wore. We can be sexy, sophisticated and chic with this staple. Check out these wonderful LBD options.

-Fat Fashionista


Plus Sizes at ModCloth


One of my favorite stores to shop at, ModCloth, has taking a dive into the plus-sized market! For quite a while now, they have had extended sizes but for the first time, they have added a plus size section featuring plus size models! Yes, ModCloth is expensive, but these are life-long pieces. The retro feel is super flattering and things are extremely well made. I love the patterns too (the dress with ice cream cones is my fav). Here are some of my favorite items on their site. More formal dresses from them will come soon in a formal wear post! Enjoy!

-Fat Fashionista


Mod Cloth

It’s swimming time!

Hey all!

Summer is just around the corner and the dreaded swim suit season is getting into full gear. Don’t fear my curvy sisters! I have found a ton of swim wear options that are not only flattering but fun and funky. Gone are the days of maternity looking 1 pieces with a sarong and a swim skirt. Have some fun and show it off! The suits below are from 3 of my favorite stores for swim wear: Torrid, Old Navy and Mod Cloth. Enjoy!

-Fat Fashionista

Plus Size Swim Wear

Spring 2012 Trends, Part 2

Hello all!

Here is part 2 of spring trends for 2012. Remember that fashion is all about having fun and experimenting. So, even though I may give you some rules, feel free to break them and create your own! To see the full set in all its glory, check out my Polyvore page (there are links beneath each photo that will also take you there) Have fun, try new things and always be fabulous!


Fat Fashionista


Floral is going to be everywhere this spring. Style List recommends pairing a floral piece, like a dress, with neutral basics. Try mixing floral with other patterns and textures to add some pop. Not feeling a floral print but still want to take part in this trend? Try some accessories.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are by far one my favorite trends for the spring. I love the boho look and the comfy feel of these fashion-forward garments. However, I have always been skeptical of wearing them as a short, plus-sized woman. Style Bakery is a proponent for curvy girls to embrace this fun trend and make it work for your body. They suggest making sure that you get a size that fits loosely and flowy, checking to make sure the fit is flattering to your chest above all else, try fun patterns and prints to camouflage anything and for short girls like me, try wearing espadrilles, wedges or stacked gladiator sandals to add some height.


We have all heard the old adage that women should avoid horizontal stripes because it makes us appear wider. But this cute spring trend is not one that should be avoided! Life Tips suggests that it’s not the direction of the stripes that matters, it’s the size. Try thin horizontal stripes or thick vertical stripes to keep this trend flattering. Pairing a neutral with a stripe is also a great way to incorporate this look. Be sure not to be too matchy-matchy. We wouldn’t want anyone looking like a well-accessorized prison inmate.

Colored Denim

Colored denim is a fun trend this spring that will most likely stay in-style for a long time. Colored denim can be worn at any time in the year so don’t be afraid to rock these. Metro Magazine gives some great advice on what to pair colored denim with. They suggest pairing it with a neutral or a denim top. They also suggest pairing it with either colors in the same family, complimentary colors or go monochromatic. Not sure what color family to go with or which color is complimentary to your pair of denim? Metro provides a color wheel and instructions on how to find what color works best for your item. Don’t be scared of this item, it’s fun, fabulous and wonderful!


Finally, neon is back! The key to make sure you don’t look like a glow stick is to do this in pops, not entire outfits. Try a neon accessory or shirt or pant, but don’t wear them all at the same time. Pair any neon item with a neutral, especially black, says Glamour. And remember if you wear neon, people are going to look so embrace it and love it and be fabulous!

Spring 2012 Trends, Part 1

Hello all!
Spring is fast approaching and wardrobe changes are in store. For this Spring 2012 season, I decided to show you all some of the trends you can expect to see and how us plus-sized girls can wear them. I grabbed outfits from all over the Internet from websites like Target, Kohl’s, Forever 21, Torrid, Deb and Zappos. To see where you can find these items and how much they cost, please visit my Polyvore site and click on the items (there is a link below each picture that will also take you to my site!)
This post is going to be a two-parter because I simply couldn’t narrow it down! With the internet, there are so many option that plus-sized girls can find and be as ever-present in fashion as everyone else, so check back next Friday to see the second set of Spring 2012 trends.
Below you will find the first 5 of 10 trends for the upcoming spring, followed by some advice on how to wear them. Enjoy!
Fat Fashionista

Plus Size Shirtdress

The shirtdress will definitely be a staple this spring for everything from work to nights out. Overstock gives women some suggestions on how to wear this flattering and versatile piece. First, belt it! This is especially wonderful for plus-sized women. Accentuate your waist by using a belt. Second, layer it. Wear a camisole underneath and try adding a contrasting color to add some interest.  Finally, use accessories to make this piece go from day to night. Don’t be afraid to change your shoes and accessories to help make the transition.

Swim Wear

Swimwear is an inevitable part of the upcoming season, but ladies don’t fret. No longer do us plus-size women need to dread the beach. With 40’s glamour becoming all the rage in this area, swimwear is being produced in exceptionally flattering silhouettes’ for us.


Chambray is going to be one of the most versatile pieces of the spring, according to College Fashion. This item looks like denim, but gives the feel of linen and a wide palette of colors. Wear this item as a dress, shirt, skirt, purse, accessory, whatever you want! The only rule: avoid wearing more than one chambray item at a time. Denim rules still apply and no one likes a Texas Tux!


Nautical seems to sneak its way back into the trends list every year. In order to avoid looking costumey, Style List suggests using one to two main pieces at a time. Focus on one bold item and work the rest around that.


Lace items seem to be a huge trend for this spring season. According to Shine, there are so many ways to wear this trend that it’s almost impossible to go wrong. They suggest following a few simple rules to keep you looking fab. First, when layering lace items stick to neutral colors. They will be the most wearable. Second, pair lace items with structured pieces like pencil skirts and trousers to avoid looking like you are wearing lingerie. Other than that, incorporate this feminine detail as much as you can! (It’s my favorite trend!)

Kohl’s does some Spring trends

Hello all!

This week’s post is all about Kohl’s. This store has a multitude of options for plus size girls including categories of junior plus and women’s plus. Remeber with junior plus clothes that you may need to order anywhere from 1 to 2 sizes larger than you may be used too. Kohl’s offers a decent amount of options at reasonable prices, however, their options within the stores is limited. In order to find more option, I recommend going online to shop.


Color Blocking

Color blocking is all the rage this season. Items from dresses, tops and accessories can be used to participate in this trend. Pair color blocked tops with skinny jeans or sweaters with neutral colors. All items can be found at Kohls.com


Wear plus size blazers with items like trouser jeans and flippy skirts on the bottom. On top, items like textured tanks and pin-tucked tops create the illusion of a small waist and add some fun to a structured look. Finally, flouncy dresses add feminine touches to a blazer. All items can be found at Kohls.com